Our History

Coming to Essex Street in Salem MA, Caramel is a French Artesian bakery offering delicate treats hand made with expertise and care. Their Master Chef, Dimitri Vallier was raised in South Central France taught under world-renowned Chefs including, Paul Bocuse, Gaston Lenôtre and Daniel Boulud. Patisserie techniques have been passed down through the family since World War II. Pictured left you can see the owner’s great-grandfather opened up a shop in Saint-Jean-en-Royans France in 1931.baguette

The Owners

A Family Business

Brother and sister, Sophie and Dimitri Vallier, followed in their family’s business of traditional french pastry creation. Growing up each of them followed their own niche within the industry. They decided to join forces in October of 2015 to bring opulent and delicious desserts to Salem, MA through their storefront Caramel.


Meet the Master Chef, Dimitri Vallier

Having been raised in the Ardeche region of south central France, a place well know for its culinary, it was only natural that Dimitri follow in the footsteps of many family members and become a Chef. After completing his studies as a Patissier, he added specialties as Chocolatier and Confiseur. He as worked with world-renowned Chefs including, Paul Bocuse, Gaston Lenôtre and Daniel Boulud. Having attended high school in the U.S, Dimitri was excited to return to America to share his love for French patisserie with an Americain audience

Meet the Business Manager, Sophie Vallier

She studied for 4 years in business management to attain her bachelors degree. Her accolades include working for well known chef’s like Anne-sophie Pic, Daniel Boulud and many more. When working alongside her brother and head Chef, Dimitri, she likes to add a feminine touch to each dessert that goes out on display.